When is a Personal Trainer a waste of money?

In today’s economy where money is tight, you are still investing in your health and well being. Maybe you even have your own personal trainer. If so, here some ways you can tell if you are getting your money’s worth:


  1. does not seem  focused on your training or is socializing during your training…then he is wasting your money!
  2. does not seem to have a clear plan in mind when it comes to your success…then you are wasting your money!
  3. trains you the way they themselves train. One size fits all doesn’t work for personal training!
  4. does not listen to your needs, pains, aches, etc. …then you are wasting your money and probably getting injured!
  5. does not watch your form, or correct you in any way his lack of knowledge can injure you or at the very least make you give up!
  6. is not motivated at all … he is wasting your money!
  7. constantly shows up late…he is wasting your time and money!
  8. is out of shape…and does not follow his own advice,  most likely you are wasting your money!


  1. are always late … then you are wasting your money!
  2. think that your personal trainer needs to watch you do cardio…then you are wasting your money!
  3. think that you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight just through exercise … then you are wasting your money!
  4. can’t be consistent with your training and eating habits … then you are wasting your money!
  5. push yourself beyond your limits you will get hurt. Let a qualified personal trainer guide you … otherwise you are wasting your money!
  6. don’t get enough sleep every night so that your body can recover… you are wasting your money!
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