Stop wasting your time and breath! You are responsible for who you are and who you want to be!

Okay, are you not tired of training your butt off and still looking the same way? I sure know that most of my clients seem to be when they come to me the first time. They are all fired up about getting finally what they want…or so it seems.
But I realized quickly that there are two kinds of people, the ones that love the thought of looking good and succeeding and the ones who are actually doing something about it.
It is your choice who you are. It does not matter what the goals are, you have to be committed to them, may they be your job, your family or fitness.
Disappointed? Too bad, but here is what you need to be doing. I looked at my clients the other day, at the ones that succeed with their goals and the ones that fail. Don’t let any personal trainer fool you, some do fail.


  1. Consistency: You will succeed in anything that you are consistent in. Yeah, newsflash, not the most talented but the most persistent person will succeed. Tell your personal trainer how much time you really can invest and he will create a plan accordingly.
  2. Passion: Don’t just do what you do because you have to. Find passion in your doing! People who come to me who have found the love for exercising are more likely to succeed. Find something you like doing, like dancing, running, biking, weight lifting, martial arts, etc.
  3. Hard work: I work my clients hard within their personal limits. I don’t train them the way I train, their training is customized to their needs. If they are willing to do it and push themselves, they will succeed. You will train harder with a buddy or trainer than alone.
  4. Priority: They make their goals their priority in life. Yes, they are sick, they have bad days and good days, but they don’t keep making excuses, they do it, because they really want to succeed! When they have to take off because of sickness, they get right back on it. It is hard to be good at everything if you spread yourself too thin in life, have too many responsibilities. How do you expect to succeed?
  5. Intelligence: Given, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, but whatever made some people think they could go to the gym and work out like they did 10-20 years ago and not hurt themselves? Be smart, listen to your body and gently lead it to success. Research the newest training science (and I am not talking of some trashy fitness magazine promoting tons of questionable supplements) or consult a qualified personal trainer.
  6. Results in themselves are motivation for more results. So make sure you follow every necessary aspect to ensure your success. Usually results for any athlete are connected to training, nutrition and lifestyle.

We have many programs that may fit your needs and help you reach your goals. One on One Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training (an excellent way of training with your friends, saving money and having a blast).

I wish you success, health and fitness,

Michael Anders

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