Strength Training a crucial element in your training!

Hello everyone,

I know you are all busy and you are stressed by the holidays. It happens every year. I wanted to touch base with you on your training and weight loss goals. Even if you have them suspended for now because of this feasting season. Come January most of you will be on the wagon again and the ones who rock hard through this season without letting go of their goals, this can make a big difference for you.

If you are trying to lose weight doing resistance training on a regular basis will make a big difference. A lot of people trying to lose weight just do some sort of cardio and lose precious muscle mass in the process. Lifting sufficiently heavy weight will help you to maintain that active muscle mass and it will keep burning energy for you.

If you try to run faster or be stronger a structured strength training is crucial as well. Performance is not just based on the activity that you are doing, running, swimming, bicycling, etc, but also on other components like strength, flexibility, coordination.

In my next blog I will give you guys an example on how to structure your training properly, similarly on how I do it in my personal training.

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