The Financial Damage of a Burger Outweighs a Down-Market!

Not too long ago posted and article that stated exactly what I mentioned in my headline. They quoted a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research which found that clients who are among the healthiest 20% in the their fifties retired with three times the assets of the least healthy. The reason for that is quite obvious: because of lower health costs their resources don’t get drained. Picture1

If you feel like this is you then you need to take action now. I have seen it over and over in my personal training clients. The ones really making an effort in their fifties and maintaining it are doing better health wise and pay considerably less in doctor’s visits and medication.

  1. Be aware of your health stats:
    1. What is your blood pressure (normal is 120/80, high would be >140/90 mmHg),
    2. Total cholesterol, this number should be below <200 mg/dL
    3. LDL should be below 129 mg/dL
    4. HDL should be >50 mg/dL
  2. Know who you are: Be aware what your family history is and talk to your physician about it and what you should do!
  3. What habits do you have?
    1. Do you smoke?
    2. Do you drink excessively? More than 7 drinks/week and you do!
    3. Do you have an eating disorder? Are you overweight, underweight?
  4. What to do?
    1. Get help from your physician with your medical issues.
    2. Start exercising, even small amounts of exercise spread out over the week (30 min/day) can make a huge impact on your health.
    3. Start eating unprocessed foods. Stop buying foods with an ingredient list. We don’t have anyone count calories, it is not what we do, we help people lose weight by eating healthy, eating a normal diet again. Clean out your pantry. Healthy food is not cheap but medication and surgeries are more expensive!
    4. Get some help from a trainer. Why? Simple, do you know what to do, or do you listen to infomercials and believe what they say? At least talk to someone for one or two training sessions and get their help getting started. You don’t have to stick with them but you want to have a good start that gives you a feeling of success.
    5. Change your lifestyle: Be active, spend time with your kids (not in front of the TV), hike, bicycle  run, park the car away from the door, take the stairs, walk an extra mile each day and increase slowly, go kayaking, etc. You name become a new you and more active.

Let me know if I can help you with your goals! We are dedicated to you and your fitness and wellness.




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