What Value Does Physical Therapy Have?

A lot of our personal training clients mention orthopedic issues they have accumulated over the years and have been seeing physical therapists for. Their results have been mixed. Some have had excellent results with their therapy and others have not. The question is what made some of my clients successful and others not?

Several factors play a role here. Obviously not every physical therapist is a good therapist same as with personal trainers but let us assume that the physical therapist is decent and knows what he/she is doing.

I think that physical therapy is of high value to get you back on your feet if you have certain issues and several factors come together:

  1. Make sure that the physical therapist knows their stuff. That is one of the most difficult things to discern, since most people are laymen and don’t really know anything about training or rehabilitation. This is what you should pay attention to:
    1. Make sure the physical therapist does a thorough assessment which should consist of medical history, lifestyle history, functional movement assessment (how well do you move overall).
    2. Let the therapist give you a ROUGH layout of what he/she is planning to do with you over the course of the next couple of weeks.
  2. This is what you need to do:
    1. Once you found a therapist do not just listen to their advice but heed it as well. Do exercises they give you and do them regularly. Ice when you are supposed to, apply heat when necessary.
    2. If you continue your life exactly the way you lived it before the chance of you having the same issues again is quite high because unless you had an accident you got their somehow.
    3. Take responsibility for your actions. If you are supposed to take it easy or supposed to exercise and you don’t, don’t blame the failure of your rehab on the physical therapist. It is yours, own it! YOU HAVE TO MAKE LIFESTYLE CHANGES!
    4. Be patient. Most chronic issues do not come on overnight, and they won’t go away overnight. Gradual progress is good and in some cases you just might be able to slow down the progress of certain chronic issues or diseases.
    5. Coordinate your health care and fitness professionals. WE MAKE SURE to work closely with our clients’ health care professionals together. This way we all work on the same goal, getting YOU fitter, healthier and into better shape. Not every physician, physical therapist and personal trainer does that automatically, some might even be¬†disillusioned. Request them to work together if they won’t, fire him.

The Charlotte Observer posted an interesting article in regards to it.


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