This is how Charlotte Personal Trainers help you lose weight!

Last week I talked about what made some of my clients really successful. Today I am offering you a 4 week intervention that will help you lose  at least 4-8 pounds.

Here is what you need to do!



  1. I will offer you a 4 week pass to my nutritional website. Usually only my clients have access to my website but for the next 4 weeks you will receive it for free. Just email me at and I will send you the access code for my website:
  2. Create your account and pick some of the nutrition plans that are available and modify them to your taste. The website is easy to follow.


  1. Make sure you plan in 8.5 hours of sleep. Why would you want to do that? It is important for your hormone levels. Without the sleep you will have a hard time to lose weight.
  2. Don’t drink any alcohol at night it will reduce your sleep quality
  3. Avoid eating food an hour prior to going to bed. A full stomach has the tendency to reduce your quality of sleep.



  1. Be as active as possible by walking at least 30 min per day.
  2. Park your car as far away from wherever you go and walk more.
  3. Use the stairs whenever you can. There is not really an excuse not to.
  4. Be active during the weekends by hiking, etc.


Alternate the different exercise plans. They are just an example and can be modified.

  1. Cardiovascular Activities (an example)
  1. Warm Up
    1. Walk for 2-3 min with increasing pace
    2. Jog for 2 min
    3. Stretch

i.    Calf

ii.    Hamstring

iii.    Quadriceps

iv.    Hipflexor

v.    Chest

vi.    Back

vii.    Triceps

  1. Main Part (Repeat 2-3 x with 5 min break after each cycle)
    1. 50 m Run/Sprint
    2. 2-3 min Walk
    3. 100 m Run/Sprint
    4. 2-3 min Walk
    5. 200 m Run/Sprint
    6. 2-3 min Walk
    7. 400 m Run/Sprint
    8. 2-3 min Walk
    9. 200 m Run/Sprint
    10. 2-3 min Walk
    11. 100 m Run/Sprint
    12. 2-3 min Walk
    13. 50 m Run/Sprint
    14. 2-3 min Walk
  2. Cool Down
    1. Stretch

i.    Calf

ii.    Hamstring

iii.    Quadriceps


Strength Training (2-3 x 15 Repetitions you can look up the exercises on my website or youtube)

  1. Warm Up (5-10  min)
  2. Push ups
  3. Chin Ups with chair underneath (chin up bar around $30 at sporting goods store
  4. One legged Squats on chair
  5. bicycle crunches
  6. straight crunch with legs in a chair position
  7. alternating lunges
  8. calf raises one leg
  9. biceps curls with rubber bands (rubber bands around $10-20)
  10. Triceps push down with rubber bands
  11. lateral arm raises with rubber bands.
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