To Look the Way You Never Have, You Might Have To Do What You Have Never Done!

Many of us personal trainers and our clients look in a mirror and might see something that we are not 100% satisfied with. Honestly I do not think I know one person that looks the way she/he wants to look like. There always seems to be the one elusive element that we are unhappy with. This can be pushed to the point of what we fitness professionals call body-dysmorphic disorder which we will address at another time.Weightloss Concept Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

Let us assume that you do not suffer from this disorder but have a relatively realistic view of your body. You are a couple of pounds overweight, your health has gone somewhat south and sometimes in the morning you feel like you are ten years older than you are. Your fitness level is reduced to taking two flights of stairs without a heart attack. I know I am making light of this, but this actually can happen.

You start out great, you start working out, you might even start with a trainer. Even better you start watching what you eat (and I don’t mean just watching it going into your mouth). For many people this means cutting back, counting calories, etc. Here is where the thinking is flawed. People usually still eat predominantly the same food as before but try to cut back. This works great as long as your initial motivational push lasts but dies out pretty quickly. Is that your fault? Actually no, you are programmed that way. Basically we are just intelligent apes, meaning our gene pool is about 4 million years old and oriented to a lifestyle that frequently suffers from famine and hunger. We do not have that problem in our society anymore and food or food-like products are offered everywhere. The food you are cutting back is designed to be explosive in taste by mixing sugars and fat into a concoction of deliciousness that our body craves. Cutting back on those products is like telling a junkie that he can have a little bit but just that. Initially he/she might be able to do that but not for long and soon we fall back into our old eating patterns of highly processed and engineered food.

And all this started with you wanting to make a positive change! If you could just count your calories or cut back then we all would do it and the USA would not suffer under the “weight of hundred millions of overweight or obese people”. Please think about this 2/3 of us are overweight or obese that means roughly 200 million people. I call this an epidemic!Young athlete running - Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

Now here is what you can do about this and the recipe is so easy it is laughable and would take care of obesity, Type II Diabetes and other related diseases.

  • Make a commitment to a healthy eating and stop eating food like products like pasta, breads, etc. Instead focus on eating unprocessed or minimally processed foods.
  • Learn to cook, there are plenty of great recipes on the internet, the excuse I cannot cook is LAME! Just admit that you don’t care enough about yourself if you don’t want to learn how to cook.
  • Eat vegetables, salads like kale, broccoli, carrots, and so on. The list is forever long. Spend most of your shopping time in the produce section.
  • Eat fruits that are in season.
  • Eat grass-fed beef, pork, organic chicken and wild caught fish (caveat: mercury pollution).
  • Eat nuts and honey only in small amounts.
  • Cut out any sugar or products with added sugar.
  • Honestly, cut out grains altogether. You get plenty of fiber in veggies and fruits.
  • Be AWARE that your food bill will go up, probably by a good bit, but that is the choice you make for being healthy.


Like the title already said, in order to accomplish things you have never accomplished before you have to do things you have never done before. It is time to take your life into your own hands and own up to your responsibility for it.




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