Training Success with a Little Competition

We all suffer sometimes from lack of motivation. That is the same for us trainers. Sometimes it is just in one aspect of your training, sometimes in all. I personally love martial arts and running the most. It is easy for me to push myself doing those activities. Strength training on the other hand is harder for me to motivate myself properly and push it.

Beginning of December, Jonathan and I decided to make a bet, again :). Whoever has the biggest % improvement in repetitions with push ups, chin ups & leg press wins, unless they gain weight.

  1. Do as many push up, chin ups and leg press (10 RM weight)  as you can and weigh in on Day 1
  2. Train for 4.5 weeks (over Christmas)
  3. Retest at the end of the 4.5 weeks.
At the beginning of the bet I weighed in at 166 lbs, did 42 push ups, 13 chin ups and 10 reps at 885 lbs. During the 4.5 weeks of training I noticed a considerable higher level of motivation in my strength training and soon I started to see improvements in all areas. By the time retesting came around today I did 60 push ups, 20 chin ups and 15 reps at 885 lbs and had lost 3 lbs. That is a total % improvement of 146.71%.
Jonathan started at 184.5 lbs, did 67 push ups, 21 chin ups and  10 reps at 705 lbs. His weakest part has always been his legs. He got more serious with his training. Strength training is his thing, he loves it and that is where he works the hardest. During the retest he came in with 86 push ups, 25 chin ups and 20 repetitions with 705 lbs on the leg press and weighing in at 184.5 lbs. His total improvement was 147.39 %.
Now the percentages are huge and do not reflect necessarily pure strength improvement but also motivation and the willpower to push through what we were formerly not able to. He ended up winning the bet, but really we both did because we both ended up stronger, physically and mentally.
You can see that improvement is hugely dependent on motivation. Anyone can do it!
I hope to see you in here, to help  you along with your progress.
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