Weight Loss and Strength Training

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My personal trainers, boot camp instructors and I had a meeting last Friday, like every Friday. One topic that came up was the value of strength training for weight loss clients.  Even personal trainers who still use some kind of resistance training with their clients don’t necessarily see the value that a structured strength training can provide. Women often come up and tell me that they don’t want to look huge and other trainers often tell me that they need their clients to burn more calories and for that reason use higher reps and use exercises that push the cardio system in between sets. That is all nice and good but does it really serve our clients or you the best, if that is all that you are doing? Let’s look at some facts:

  • Women don’t naturally have the same amount of HGH or Testosterone. So it is not possible for them to become huge with 2-3 days of strength training sessions/week
  • A certain amount of muscle gain will make your body look “toned” and lean.
  • 15-20 repetitions is a great strength endurance training but the amount of muscle growth is minimal
  • training at the same intensity, without variation will inevitably lead to a stalling training adaptation
  • muscle mass “burns” calories even if you don’t work out, cardiovascular training alone will stop with its afterburn usually within 2-3 hours unless it is a high intensity interval training.
  • It is crucial to work at higher intensities and lower volume.
  • 3-5 work sets with 5 repetitions are optimal for strength development, 8-15 Repetitions stimulate more hypertrophy.


I hope I was able to show you the importance of strength training at different levels besides three sets of ten or 3 sets of 15. Varying your training is important. If you have questions, want more information or need help with personal training , we are there for you.

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