What a thousand other people taught me!

On Friday from 7 pm to Saturday at 7 pm over a thousand people participated at the 24 Hours Of Booty, a fundraiser event that managed to raise more than a million dollars for a good cause. We had a ton of fun and thanks to Denise, “Wicki” and Pam also great helpers that assembled/disassembled tents, provided encouraging words and helped with food and drinks whenever necessary. Steve, Jessi (my wife), Laurie and me participated for our personal training studio as team Shape Up.

Everyone did an amazing job. Steve rode 90 miles and had originally aimed for 50 miles. Jessi doubled her mileage by riding 50 miles and on a mountain bike, no less. I rode 120 miles and ran 14 miles around the loop. Laurie who had planned to do a double Ironman event this weekend (4.8 miles of swimming, 224 miles of biking and 52.4 miles of running/walking), did exactly that, despite a hurting chest wall after a fall. I am so proud of you guys!

But there were many other people as well who did really great.  Some of them were struggling with cancer, others were paraplegic, some of them were semi professionals.

I learned a couple of things from all those people while riding there:

  1. Determination trumps Disability
  2. Be smart, take breaks, get back on and continue!
  3. Conserve your strength and give a steady effort instead of blowing all your energy reserves at once.
  4. Team effort and encouragement from friends can give you energy even when you thought you had nothing left.
  5. Pace yourself on the difficult parts of your journey (in this case the hill J ) and pick it up on the easier ones and the miles/progress will come.
  6. Conquer your fear to do something you thought you were not able to and discover a new you. I was amazed by what some of the people were doing that were “out of shape”.
  7. Your mind can be your biggest strength and your biggest weakness.


Think about your weight loss, training or fitness goals and think of the people I just talked about. If they can do this then you can achieve your goal. Let us do it, 4-6 lbs of weight loss for the next month. Log your food and training every day and get the ball rolling. Imagine the new you. You can do it, I know you can. I can help you with it. This is what I do! 

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