What Should Personal Training Look Like?

This is actually a really important topic to me since we strive to be the best personal training company in Charlotte. The question is though, what does that mean. Does it mean the fastest results? Be the cheapest personal training company? Have the best service?


Here is how I understand how an excellent personal training company should look like:

Atmosphere and Trainer

  • Your trainers are genuinely interested in fitness and have a passion for supporting others
  • Your personal trainer is focused on you and continuously strives to be better at what they do
  • When you train you should feel a warm welcome that goes along with a sense of honesty and caring
  • The atmosphere among clients is friendly and supportive, like a family of like minded people.
  • You should be able to connect to a trainer and your trainer should be willing to have you train with someone else if you don’t feel that connection

Training and Studio

  • The training should be built on sound principles, a thorough assessment leading into comprehensive training methods to bring you to your goal
  • The training should not reflect the latest fad but the most current research on training.
  • It should be fun and entertaining to work out
  • Your trainer should hold you accountable and give you all the information you need in order to achieve your goal.


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