Which Fitness Trends are going to stay in Charlotte?

Which Fitness Trends are going to stay in Charlotte?

Like every year there is always someone who tries to predict the fitness trends for the following year. This article is based on the article posted by the ACSM. I will comment on each of the top 10 trends and tell you what makes sense and what is most likely just a fad that is going to go away or is going to hurt you.

According to a survey they did the upcoming year will  see the following fitness trends:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

is signified by short hard intervals followed by a resting period. This has been big already this year. I think depending on your goals this kind of training is actually here to stay. It shows some significant promise in weight loss as well as improving cardiovascular fitness fast. It is definitely NOT the holy grail. It will still have to be supplemented by other training depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Body Weight Training

allows you to train with minimal equipment and get in shape. A great choice for many people, and definitely should be in your arsenal in the pursuit of fitness. Be aware though that if you are really out of shape even body weight might be too heavy and once you have accomplished a certain fitness level the training stimulus might just not be enough to help you improve.


Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals

it seems that people are looking for more qualified trainers and professionals. This is definitely a trend that I embrace with all of my heart.


Strength Training

This has been a staple for a while and properly executed is an important part of your physical fitness, especially considering that our professions have become more and more sedentary.


Exercise and Weight Loss

This is a trend that keeps coming and my feelings are ambivalent about it. The reason for that is that despite all efforts with diets and exercise the overall population is still getting more obese. What has worked for us is guiding our clients to a healthy lifestyle instead of a diet, which includes cooking unprocessed food instead of counting calories. Counting calories seem to put the clients mind too much towards food and as we all know it is impossible not to think about a blue elephant in the room if someone tells you not to.


Personal Training

Education has become increasingly more important in this field and I can fully embrace that as well. Education and knowledge should be a minimum requirement, not optional.


Fitness Programs for Older Adults

with our populations average age rising fitness in our older population becomes more and more important and that is definitely important to keep health care costs low, improve quality of life and general fitness.


Functional Fitness

this term is frequently abused. The way I look at it: Functional training is the training that prepares the individual best for their daily living activities, their sports activities without hurting them but improving their performance. Balance, strength, coordination, stability and mobility are all part of this.


Group Personal Training

Offering a cheaper alternative to personal training it can be a good choice for clients and trainers without compromising the quality of training too much.



the different variations of yoga can have beneficial effects on people, physically as well as mentally. It is crucial though to have a good instructor otherwise you might have the same experience as some of our clients that come to us after injuries to wrist, neck, back and knees.


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