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Workout Alternatives For The Summer In Charlotte

Working out does not always need to be in a boring gym environment. Sometimes you need to change it up, especially if you want to do something with friends and family. Charlotte has a lot of things to offer. Maybe it is time to apply the fitness you have gained with your personal trainer or a friend to some other activities. Here are some of my favorites, well some I stole from clients :-).

  1. The Whitewater Center is a great place for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing (artificial wall), flatwater kayaking, whitewater kayaking, zip lining, canopy tours, etc. There are a host of things to do.
  2. You can kayak or paddleboard on Lake Norman
  3. Inner Peaks is a great place if you love to rock climb or would like to learn how to. This indoor facility is great not only when it rains.
  4. Various parks in Charlotte. The greenway system has been built out quite a bit. Walking, running or even hiking through some of the parks is a ton of fun but they offer much more like tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, baseball, etc.
  5. Crowder’s Mountain is a great a place to hike and get a good workout if you don’t mind driving 30-45 min depending on where you live in Charlotte.
  6. Defy Gravity or Sky High are great places if you enjoy a trampoline. There is one up near University area but I am sure there are similar places in town.
  7. Theme Races are more and more up and coming. May it be the Color Run, Spartan Races or Tough Mudder, or more you can always find something that is fun and low pressure.
  8. There are also flag football leagues, soccer leagues, etc. all over town.

There are a ton of things to do in Charlotte and the surrounding area. This is just a small number of the things you can do here in Charlotte.

Now go out there and play 🙂


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